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Within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia presidency of the G20 Summit and the goal of pursued corruption and promote integrity in international cooperation, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced an initiative which aims to establish an international operations network for enforcing the law authorities. Dr. Khaled Alkholaif Alghamdi had an interview to talk about this initiative through Rotana Khalejia TV. 


The Saudi News Channel host the lawyer Dr. Khalid Al-Ghamdi to talk about the most prominent sectors where money laundry is taking place.

Al-Majd TV host lawyer Dr. Khalid Al-Kholif Al-Ghamdi in the weekly show “Hadith Al-Dar”. The program discussed social awareness to respect the law and how it can be impacting on our daily life.

The weekly Alsaeey Tv show on Almajed Channel host the lawyer and legal consultant Dr.Khaled Alkholaif Alghamdi speaking about the law awareness and affects on our Saudi society.


The Eastern Commercial Chamber held a lecture about the lawyers’ legal duties towards combating money laundry and terrorist financing presented by the lawyer and legal consultant Dr.Khaled Alkholaif Alghamdi. the lecture provided as one of the lawyers and legal consultants activity and programs committee which is headed by Mr. Khaled Alsalih.

The Saudi Bar Association and the Law Society Committee incorporated with Prince Mohammed bin Fahd University in the Eastern Region Seminar about “the anti-money laundry” by Dr. Khaled Alkholaif Alghamdi which was provided too by Dr. Khaled Alkholaif Alghamdi Law Firm and their participation in the field of legal awareness. The Seminar was held in AL Khobar at Prince Mohammed bin Fahad University on 29th January 2019 and it was attended by lawyers, students of law and a several of whom interested in this field. The agenda dealt with the concepts of money laundering and its direct impact on the economy. all points have been discussed and answer the questions that were raised by the attendees at this symposium.


The Chamber of Commerce in Bisha organized a workshop about the crime of covered commercial in the light of coming stage. Presented by lawyer Dr. Khaled Alkholaif Alghamdi  who touched on the causes of trade cover-up, its damage, solutions, and what the next stage holds towards this crime.


Alasala Colleges represented by the Law club at College of the law held a lecture and panel discussion about “the Anti-Concealment Law”, presented by Dr. Khaled Alkholaif Alghamdi on Tuesday 12th December 2018. This was under patronage of the Law College Dean Dr. Mohammed Alasheger, Dr. Mohammed Albishi and attendance of the College students. The topic was discussed at all aspects with its impacts on all levels such as the knowledge side, legality and the nation economy. Students were also given the opportunity to participate and answer all their questions. Finally, the Law Club at Alasala Colleges was thanked for their generosity for holding such a productive meeting.

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