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The office undertakes the task of judicial representation on behalf of clients in all courts and judicial committees of various specializations and degrees, including pleading and advocacy, criminal, administrative, commercial, labor and real estate cases.


The office undertakes commercial arbitration service in order to achieve speed and confidentiality between companies, save time and effort, and overcome the problem of slow litigation procedures.


The office provides all documentation services such as issuing and rescinding agencies, emptying real estate, and documenting corporate contracts, during weekdays and around the clock, whether at the office headquarters or the service applicant’s headquarters.


Establishment and registration of commercial companies

The office has experience in establishing and registering commercial companies of all kinds, preparing and documenting articles of incorporation and amendment annexes, preparing internal regulations and governance regulations. We also assist clients in choosing the appropriate legal form for the company and registering trademarks.

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Real estate issues and expropriation compensation

The office provides a leading legal service in real estate disputes, as well as cases of real estate expropriation compensation.


Division and liquidation of estates

The office carries out all the procedures and actions necessary to liquidate the estates and distribute them to the beneficiaries, according to the Sharia shares.


Attestation service of work organization regulations for private sector establishments


Our office is one of the offices accredited by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development to ratify the regulations of private sector establishments, whether it is the unified model, or preparing and reviewing a special model for our clients and then ratifying it.


Preparing and reviewing contracts and agreements

The office prepares and reviews contracts and agreements to which the client is a party, through a selection of specialists in various types of contracts, including partnership contracts, financing, investment, contracting and others.


Foreign investment services

The office provides all the legal services that investors need, such as legal advice, drafting contracts, establishing companies, issuing investment licenses, documenting articles of incorporation and amendment annexes, and so on.

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