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The Firm is responsible to represent our clients legally in all courts' types or committees at all various condition degrees, that include advocating & appealing for commercial, Labor cases and real estate.


Our Firm provides commercial arbitration to achieve progress and privacy between all parties. Our services include negotiation, arbitration, and mediation to legally resolve conflicts, saving time and effort.


Our firm is licensed that provides all notarial services disposing of real estate, attestation, dissolution of agencies, and the documentation of the contracts for companies. These services can be provided at any time or place. 


Memorandum of association and registration of commercial companies

Our experience is to assist our clients to choose the correct legal form of their company  framing a memorandum of association and establishment of a commercial company, associations of joint stock's company, preparation document, incorporation contracts, and addendum amendment.

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Real estate affairs and priority dispute

We provide legal services in real estate disputes, as well as property reparations issues.


Division and liquidation of property inheritance

We complete all procedures and actions related to the liquidation, and insure all divisions to inheritors based on Saudi low.


Preparation and review of contracts and agreements

The Law Firm can prepare and review contracts & agreements to our client as a party of it, through a selection of specialists in various types of agreements, including contracts, partnerships, financial, investment, contracting and others.


International Investment Services

The firm provides all legal services needed for international investors such as legal consultations, drafting contracts, establishing companies, legal consultant, review contracts legally, memorandum of association, issue your investments' licenses, and notarize contracts with its addendum


Employee  Regulations Attestation  Service for your company

Our Law Firm is certified by the Ministry of Human Resources & Social Development to test the HR regulations to your company it is a standardized model or we prepare and review a special form for our clients

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